Senin, 14 Desember 2009


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Insomnia? whole body rigid thinking about the meaning of that word? Was deadly disease? Did a virus? or dependence?
insomniac insomnia ... insomnia .... .... it kept ringing hear my heart beating my statement that said I got insomnia.
I was lost in words. whether insomnia is going to kill me? I kept looking for the answer .... but until today I was unable to find a satisfactory answer to my heart.
I was really scared because that may result from this habit. the worst that I imagined myself on what I found reference daari various sources, excessive insomnia will result in death.
I do not want to die. I am not a man who was full of sin that I deserved to end life with the "how ridiculous" by "insomnia".
I do not know, who I know to this day I enjoy my life, I have been sincere and even good friends with the insomnia. I was only able to fill my evening time is consumed by his insomnia by trying to put the imagination in my head in the form of drawings and writings.

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